IB graduation ceremony 30th August 2019

The graduation ceremony is just about to begin.

Wenla and Eemeli were the hosts of the celebration.

Commencement address (IBO) by Sofia and Tanja

Siiri played Romanssi by Jean Sibelius.

Main speech by Liaison Director Tea Laitimo, Town of Imatra.

Principal Mika Strömberg’s graduation address.

A huge thank you to you, Anne, our retiring coordinator! You’ll be missed dearly <3

Thank you, Antti, the former assistant coordinator at Lappeenranta campus.

The best result of May 2019 – congratulations Sonja! (Imatra campus)






The best result of May 2019 –
congratulations Henric! (LPR campus) School project band Kasvatuksen ammattilaiset



Maailma on siun!
The world is yours!