How to apply

Application period for 2023-2024 from 21.2. to 21.3. 3pm

Students applying from Finnish comprehensive schools: 

Selection is based on the grade point average of theoretical subjects on your final 9th grade report card. The minimum GPA is 8.00. In addition to applying via OPintopolku, all applicants wiil also send an application directly to the Coordinator. 

Students applying from abroad: 

Our IB programme is intended for local youth and international families residing in South-Eastern Finland. We are a two-campus school, offering the IB Diploma Programme in Imatra and Lappeenranta. Imatra is the administering school. If your family is establishing itself in our region in the time period between now and August, you can look up information on our IB programme at Imatran Yhteislukio via Studyinfo. However, your application will not be submitted via Studyinfo, like for local applicants.

Instead, you apply through sending an application form and your study certificate from your current school to us. We no longer do entrance exams, and assessment of international applicants is on a case-by-case basis, based on the family’s need to get an education place for their child in Imatra and/or Lappeenranta. 

Application period for 2023 entry has ended. 


Maailma on siun!
The world is yours!
The world is yours!