Congratulations to the following students who graduated 5 July 2024!

Ahvonen Mette, Chesnokova Daria, Filonov Aleksei, Gorovoi Dmitrii, Heiramo-Baker Niko, Hill Sofia, Jouhilahti Rita, Kirianov Roman, Korhola Jade, Kuanysh Tair, Kymäläinen Sumu, Lähde Nina, Mwubahamana Blaise, Niemi Niina, Peltonen Titta, Rantalainen Liila, Repo Anna, Teikari Aava, Tukiainen Viivi, Voutilainen Anette, Vuorinen Alex


South Karelia IB World School will start billing its non-compulsory students for learning materials and equipment from August 1, 2024.

According to the Compulsory Education Act, children and young people living permanently in Finland are obliged to attend school. When applying the Compulsory Education Act, a child or young person is considered to be permanently resident in Finland if they have a domicile in Finland as referred to in the Domicile Act (201/1994). If a person has a municipality of residence registered in the population information system, the person is covered by compulsory education. If there is no municipality of residence, the person is not covered by compulsory education. If a person is temporarily staying in Finland for the purpose of studying (e.g., exchange study) and does not have a municipality of residence as referred to in the Home Municipality Act, they are not covered by the Compulsory education Act and the related exemption. The task of the education organizer is to find out whether the student has a home municipality or not. For example, a person’s nationality is not important in determining whether they are covered by compulsory education. Not being covered by compulsory education means that the student does not have the right to free education as referred to in the Compulsory Education Act.

From August 1, 2024, South Karelia IB World School will bill its non-compulsory students for the actual learning material costs (including computer costs). The matter has been discussed in the IB high school’s steering group with representatives of the city of Imatra and city of Lappeenranta, as well as in the welfare board, which has approved the proposal on April 17. 2024.

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Johanna Ovaska





”Koulutamme avoimia ja aktiivisia elinikäisiä oppijoita, jotka kunnioittavat ja arvostavat muita ihmisiä ja kulttuureita oman kulttuurinsa lisäksi. Nuoret oppivat, miten he voivat omalla toiminnallaan vaikuttaa erilaisissa tilanteissa.”

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