Joint application results will be published on 11 June. 

Successful foreign applicants will be contacted by the school by Friday 12 June.

Booklist 2020-2021



It seemed the most suitable option, since I loved English


Halusin hieman haastetta ja nähdä mihin pystyn. Myös englannin kielen käyttö ja oppiminen kiinnostivat.


Haluan mahdollisesti muuttaa ulkomaille ja opiskella siellä.


Halusin perehtyä syvemmin eri aineisiin ja oppia puhumaan ja kommunikoimaan sujuvasti englannin kielellä.


Halusin opiskella jo lukiossa liiketaloutta ja taloustiedettä.


The IB teachers are well qualified and extremely approachable. Alongside with the staff, your peers are ther to survive the academic agony you will go through. The IB facilities provide a secure place to study and socialize. IB is truly a home away from home.


What I love the most about the IB is walking into a warm, fun environment every day and feeling at ease with all students and teachers.


I applied to the IB because I heard it offers a wide range of unique possibilities and opens doors for the future. I knew I made the right choice once I realized that not only are both of those statements true; they’re true in a warm and friendly environment.

Maailma on siun!
The world is yours!
The world is yours!